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Which model precisely are they writing about
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> Here is an announcement from Sendero. Perhaps someone want to try the 
> mentioned receiver with LS and report about the results after that.
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>>         Introducing the IBlue 66 channel GPS receiver. The Holux M1000 has 
>> been an excellent high sensitivity GPS receiver but we are always looking 
>> for just a little more performance. In particular, we have been testing 
>> receivers in urban settings looking for less multi-path impact from 
>> bouncing satellite signals.
>> On a test course among the high-rises of San Francisco, the IBlue was on 
>> the correct street 78% of the time and the Holux M1000 54% of the time.
>> You can imagine how good the IBlue heading consistency is in normal 
>> outdoor environments. We have been testing it along with other receivers 
>> for several months using a variety of test situations.
>> The sensitivity rating on the IBlue is slightly better at minus 165 DBM 
>> versus minus 159 on the M1000.
>> The IBlue battery lasts 32 hours versus 18 for the M1000.
>> The on-off switch is a bit more distinct on the IBlue. The two receivers 
>> look almost exactly the same physically. We did design a new case for the 
>> IBlue because its charging port is on the opposite side from the on-off 
>> switch.
>> The IBlue does an amazing job of picking up from within a pocket or purse 
>> and especially next to tall buildings. The higher sensitivity helps speed 
>> up the satellite acquisition time.
>> Enjoy the state of the art in GPS reception. Order an IBlue with case from 
>> Sendero for $129 or if you are ordering something else, like an upgrade or 
>> other product, pay just $99.
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