[Loadstone] No points found

Jacob Kruger jacobk at iburst.co.za
Mon Mar 16 05:11:21 GMT 2009

What happens if you press the select key instead?

Same result?

Some of my recent routes mean I don't walk in the direction of the next 
point for a while until I reach certain tactile points, etc., and it always 
seems to be auto announcing to me correctly, and also does if I use the 
select key.

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> hi, i also sometimes experience it but i guess i figured out why it is so.
> suppose that you have added a check point and you can hear its name by
> pressing 5. but, if you turn to a different direction or sometimes 
> loadstone
> supposes you turned because of the week signal from the gps, you cant hear
> the checkpoint. the checkpoint must be at 12,11,01 o'clock in order
> loadstone announce it.In other words, you must be walking to same 
> direction
> with the  checkpoint.
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>> Hi,
>> I often come across a strange phenomenon with Loadstone:
>> I use Loadstone v0.70.
>> I have some checkpoints selected
>> i have Auto-Announce enabled.
>> After pressing 1, I am informed about my speed (greated than 3mph) and
>> about direction of travel.
>> After pressing 7 I am informed about the number of satellites in view
>> (greater than 4).
>> Anyway, when I press 5 to get info about my next checkpoint, I often get 
>> a
>> message "No points found".
>> Have you ever experienced this?
>> What may be the reason and a solution?
>> Przemyslaw
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