[Loadstone] A suggestion

Norbert Müller nm-listen at millernorbert.de
Sat Mar 14 19:52:43 GMT 2009

Hi again,

I could imagine the following scenario:

you walk along until you get to a point you want to save. Now you could 
press the hash key twice, letting loadstone know that the point should be 
saved automatically, that is without you giving it a name right away. After 
that you press a number key on the phone for the direction in which to 
turn - similar to what you do in exploration mode. So 2 would mean straight 
ahead, 4 90 degrees to the left, 1 45 degrees to the left and so on. (I 
agree it is not likely that you would press the 8 key ;-) ). After you press 
the number key, the point could be storeed.

Best greetings,


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