[Loadstone] Loadstone crashes while using a bluetooth headset

Dave Carlson dgcarlson at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 14 19:12:03 GMT 2009

I've found (with my N95) that having multiple Bluetooth devices tends to 
slow down the responses, particularly in the quality of the audio. I found 
this when using my external GPS receiver and a hands-free audio Bluetooth 
headset simultaneously.

That's one reason why I use the internal GPS receiver with my Bluetooth 
headphone output. The GPS is not as responsive, but the audio comes through 

Also the N95 has a standard 1/8-inch headphone jack that can be used for a 
wired headset and further minimize the dependence on having multiple 
Bluetooth channels running.


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Hi all,

As the subject line says. Particularlly when we send out commands like
cold/warm/hot start or the power saving mode set to be on or off. According
to the N82 mannual, one can use more than one bluetooth devices
semeltaniously and henceforth my assumption would be that bluetooth
connection should work fine with LS and the headset at the same time. So I
would like to get clarification on this issue.

Thanks and Regards,


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