[Loadstone] A suggestion

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sat Mar 14 18:46:00 GMT 2009

You start the recording of a nmea.log by going to 'Options/GPS' and press 
the select button on 'Start loggin' or your language equivalent. The option 
changes to 'Stop loggin'. When you select this option after you have done 
the trip the nmea.log file is stored in the root directory of the Loadstone 
installation directory on your phone, or appended to an existing nmea.log 
file. A nmea.log file starts with a 'log opened...' message and ends with a 
'log closed...' message. If needed isolate the last entry and save it to a 
seperate file after you have transferred it to a computer.

Go to the LS website, select tools/breadcrumb generator, provide the 
nmea.log file and select the options you want (for a hike an interval of 16 
seconds, accuracy within 24 meters and include turns above 20 degrees). 
Submit the file and download the resulting database. Rename the database 
file as you wish. If you want you may continue to create checklists with 
directional comments (turn left, 10 o'clock etc.) and also save these files 
under recognizable names.

Send these files back to the phone, import the database and place the 
checklists in the checklist directory of the Loadstone installation 
directory. The recorded route is now available for use.

In a future edition of Loadstone we hope to make this all a bit simpler.


At 3/14/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Rob,
>can you explain this to me in a little more detail? Do I use the regular
>Record function of Loadstone, then copy the resulting file to my PC, run it
>through that generator, put it back on Loadstone and use it on my next walk
>on that route?
>Best greetings,

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