[Loadstone] A suggestion

Norbert Müller nm-listen at millernorbert.de
Sat Mar 14 10:57:51 GMT 2009


my girlfriend and I often go hiking with groups. Often it would be nice to 
be able to "memorize" the route, so we can take it on our own later. 
However, stopping at every important corner to save a point takes a lot of 
time and interrupts the joy of hiking along without interruption.

To my knowledge saving the entire route would not do us much good. If of 
course there is a way to take advantage of that, I would love to know about 

I thought that a feature could be added which automatically sets points and 
just numbers them. For example: I could quickly press the hash key twice and 
loadstone would save the point as number 1. The next one would be point 
number 2 and so on. Thus we would not have to stop to give the point a more 
useful name and could do that later. Furthermore, if a point proves not so 
important after all, we would erase it and not give it a name.

What do you think?

Best regards,


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