[Loadstone] Moon information

Miranda miranda.ter.hofstede at orange.nl
Sat Mar 14 08:24:39 GMT 2009

Yes, I agree that would be a very nice feature.
On my old N70 I had an accessible app that could show this information, but 
this doesn't work on 3rd edition Symbian.

However, I could understand if this doesn't have much priority for 
Loadstone, as it doesn't really have to do with GPS navigation.


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> Hi,
> If people look for info about the sun, they usually want to know when the 
> sunrise and sunset is.
> If people look for info about the moon, they usually want to know 
> something about full moon.
> Could Loadstone provide the information:
> - When was the last full moon
> - When will be the next full moon
> - When was the last new moon
> - When will be the next new moon
> ?
> I've got 3 apps written in Pascal, but they are not really accessible.
> Przemyslaw
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