[Loadstone] N82 and Nokia maps

Jacob Kruger jacobk at iburst.co.za
Wed Mar 11 07:54:05 GMT 2009

Ok, apart from being able to retrieve coordinates from the Nokia maps 
software on the N82, I see it's nokia maps software also has an 'on foot' 
navigation mode, for interests sakewhere I think it's a little more related 
to specific distances, but where it still sort of seems to tell you things 
like turn left at end of road, and then just tells you that you've arrived 
at the destination, without actually telling you where it is if I test a 
pseudo route using the navigation simulation.

Anyway, just means that if you didn't have an area populated in loadstone's 
own database, and maybe only had things like specific places marked or 
something, it might still help, and while haven't tested it along with my 
dog yet, it might help a bit if I get lost, but I would still definitely use 
loadstone to navigate me directly to various points and am still marking 
corners/landmarks within loadstone on the new routes me and the dog are now 
looking into, including one or two sort of virtual kerbs where I need to 
know to look out for something that can't be felt as such, so while the dog 
is supposed to know about these places, it's still good to just at least 
have confirmation of sorts.

Also, one of my other main reasons I prefer loadstone is that in places like 
campsites/large parking areas/campus areas, I can still mark off points of 
interest, and it'll help me navigate there using clockface etc., but it's 
just nice to sometimes have access to street maps etc. via nokia maps since 
I really haven't populated my area enough with more than 
suburbs/towns/natural landmarks via pointshare (with some help) apart from 
points on my newish routes.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
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