[Loadstone] questions from a new user

matthew Campbell wrestling.champ at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 10:41:02 GMT 2009

Hi. My name is  Matthew Campbell and I am a new user of loadstone. I
was using wayfinder access and even though it is a great product I
haven't found a way to add p o i's to the database and there is no way
to look at a route beforehand.

As a new user I have a few questions for you all.

My first question is if there is a way to make all points on the map
check points so that they are announced as you pass by, are getting
closer too, or navigating too them with out having to mark each point
individually as this is a long process. The reason I would like this
ability is because in using the trecker device from humanware in both
of its flavors, you can get this information spoken to you in the
exploration mode.

My second question is about the point share exchange website. I can
not make the form for filling out the area exporter to work properly
with firefox on my pc or safari on my mac. And the form doesn't show
up at all on my nokia e71 web browser. Is this because this site uses
active x controls?

Any help on one of or both of these issues would be greatly
appreciated and I apologize for such a lengthy post.


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