[Loadstone] N82 internal receiver

Jacob Kruger jacobk at iburst.co.za
Mon Mar 9 06:16:51 GMT 2009

Only thing I generally do with my N82 is to first restart the phone, then 
start nokia maps, do at least one search, then exit it, and wait a minute or 
two, then start loadstone, and it then seems to work alright and I've been 
using it on half hour sessions with my guide dog on some of the routes still 
trying to get comfortable on, so it's not really just testing as such, and 
does work for decent time periods as such, and the other primary difference 
I notice as opposed to the bluetooth receiver I used with my 6680 previously 
is that it does seem to 'think' it has a signal in some indoor places if 
just playing around with it.

Stay well

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> Hi all,
> Often I heard about N82 having a better internal receiver as opposed to 
> N95.
> But mine seems to give me a decimal performance. Loadstone recognizes the
> receiver, but it does not seem to be receiving signal for prolonged times
> and I am just wondering whether it is the sign of a defected receiver? the
> external Bluetooth receiver works fine.
> Vetri.
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