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Kerry and Gemma Hoath kerryandgemma at gotss.net
Mon Mar 9 04:16:09 GMT 2009

If you have no bluetooth receiver and you have a nokia 3650, then you are 
using cell towers only to navigate, these can be separated by 2-3 
killometers and not worth using for close in navigation.

Usually I get an accuracy of 10 meters with my N70 and external receiver, 
this would make picking bus stops out easy enough.

Loadstone won't tell you how to get from point A to point b, it is an 
orientation aid not an in-car navigation solution.
It will tell you what points you are passing (assuming you have marked some 
points or have some from the pointshare exchange or another source)

and it will tell you what points you are aproaching.
Swimming pool bus stop 200 meters at 12 o'clock might indeed tell you it is 
time to press the bell.

You can be surrounded by points, and loadstone can tell you what is around 
you but it won't tell you where to go.
You can use the bread crum generator to record a route and extract points 
numbering them so you can get an idea of a route, chained points and routes 
will go into a future loadstone if the community and coders can figure out 
the best way to implement these features.
in-car gps works because people drive on roads most of the time and it is 
easy enough to route-plan these roads.

Regards, Kerry.

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> Hi,
> I've got a nokia 3650 running an older version of loadstone. I'm blind,
> so also using a demo of talks... If I update loadstone, how accurate can
> I expect it to be with out a bluetooth receiver? eg. I catch the bus to
> the pool on a regular basis, however, there is another bus stop about
> 100 to 200 metres before the pool. So, will loadstone be able to tell
> the difference between the bus stop out the front of the pool and the
> one we pass 100 metres up the road?
> Or should I forget about it as in, is this unrealistic?
> Oh, and if I got a better phone (nokia n82 or 6120), could loadstone
> give me directions on how to get from A to B? And with a newer phone how
> accurate could I get or even with a bluetooth receiver?
> Thanks!
> Daniel.
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