[Loadstone] Loadstone and Holux 236

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The announcement of speed seems very strange indeed and perhaps the 
developers could comment on that. But as for as the delay in signal is 
concern, I follow certain methods to receive signal when I need it. For 
example, If I am about to step out of my apt for a trip to my work or 
school, I turn-on my receiver few minutes before and place it on my windows 
so that It will download the necessary almanac and thus I will have 
uninterrupted signal while walking. But of course I will not get signal ones 
I am on the subway and sometimes I will be under clear sky only after 30-40 
minutes. So if the receiver is on for that long without signal, it indeed 
can take some time to regain the signal. So In that context I turn-off and 
on a few minutes before coming out of the station and as wonder, it has 
worked for me so for and of course except some bad weather situations. For 
example, a snowy  or rainy weather condition can sometimes can have an 
impact there by one may have extensive delay in receiving signals. Also 
there could be problems on the satellites themselves and henceforth it is 
difficult to avoid such errors in terms of point announcements and so on.


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> Hi,
> I am using Loadstone 0.71 on a Nokia e51 together with a Holux 236.
> Sometimes it takes ages for the holux to acquire a signal, also I find 
> that
> the information I get does not seem to be too reliable. Often, loadstone
> will not announce the correct direction I am walking, or it will tell me
> that I am walking about 20 km per hour, which of course I am not. I am
> wondering whether the Holux is just no good, or if I can change some
> settings that will help to get more accurate information.
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Sandra
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