[Loadstone] Runtime arer encountered when using Loadstone-GPS

Vetrivel Adhimoolam vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 18:13:44 GMT 2009

It happend to me a couple of times. Basically when we try to exit the 
program while signals being received or announcements being made, this is 
the typical error one may encounter. Of course it works fine ones we 


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> Hey all,
> When I was using Loadstone today, I encountered a runtime arer.
> As Talks was anouncing that I had just found a satalite, I hit key too
> on my phone to exit the application. I then got a message saying
> "runtime arer", and no other information. I tried launching Loadstone
> again, and it seamed to work.
> Has anyone else had this problem, and does Loadstone still work after
> this properly?
> Thanks,
> Elliott.
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