[Loadstone] loadstone-gps working with an internal GPS receiver

Jacob Kruger jacobk at iburst.co.za
Tue Mar 3 19:33:28 GMT 2009

On my N82, I went into loadstone, opened the options menu, went down to 
settings, went over to the GPS tab and set it to 'phone', and it then works 

Have found that occasionally I need to first run nokia maps to sort of 
activate the receiver first, then exit it and wait a minute or two before 
starting loadstone, but not sure if that's just me doing something 
unnecessary, but it seems to work sometimes if the unit didn't have a signal 

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> Hello,
> I'm quite new to loadstone-gps, and interested in using this
> application with a phone having an *internal* GPS receiver. To this
> aim, I'm doing some trials with a Nokia N95. However, I'm experiencing
> some problems in making loadtsone use the internal gps receiver, since
> the application always looks for e.g. a bluetooth receiver (even
> though I selected the integrated GPS within the phone GPS settings).
> I also tried the instructions  included in the loadstone manual for
> using an internal gps receiver, but I haven't solved the problem.
> Does anyone have experienced the same problem? Do you have any hint
> about how to solve it? If not, do you know any phone with an internal
> gps receiver in which loadstone-gps has been tested to work properly?
> Thanks you very much in advance.
> Best regards,
> Carmen
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