Caleb Eee eeejiajiann at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 00:15:55 BST 2009

Hello, I've written to this list about a week before but received no
answer from the list. It might have been left out some how.

Anyway, my name is Caleb from Malaysia. I have recently purchased a
unit of GPS receiver, that is, Qstarz 818x. I have realised that there
is a 5Hz mode and AGPS is also supported.

My question is, are we, loadstone users able to use these functions?
If yes, has anyone here has an idea s to how to use them? Honestly,
I'm quite new to GPS altogether. I'm sorry if my questions are too
simple for some of you.

Any help offered would be much appreciated. Thank you,

Caleb. God bless

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