[Loadstone] OpenStreetMap Data Download URL

Lulu-Ann at gmx.de Lulu-Ann at gmx.de
Sat Jun 27 01:37:08 BST 2009

Hi Colin,

> i found that it was an error on my part.
> I was able to download,or export, the edmonton map.
> however, its over 14MB, so out of the question for the OSM converter on
> the 
> loadstone sight.
> I found the URL by googling "OSM for edmonton alberta"
> it's from the main OSM website
> www.openstreetmap.org

This is not the complete URL.
If you are on www.openstreetmap.org, you go to the search and enter "Edmonton, Alberta". You can reach after many times pressing the tab key the "Permalink". That gives you an URL like this:


Note, that there are the coordinates of Edmonton and the zoom level included now.
If you choose "Export" with the option "OpenStreetMap XML Data", and then press the button "Export", you will get a 2.1 MB file for the loadstone comverter.
If the file is too big, choose a greater value for the zoom in the URL,
18 is maximum.
If you want a bigger area, you can download another area by searching for a street, example: "Stadium RD near Edmonton".
You can repeat the whole data import to loadstone several times, double points of interest that occur when the areas overlap will be ignored.


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