[Loadstone] OSM files!

Colin McDonald colinm27 at telus.net
Fri Jun 26 11:47:35 BST 2009

i found that it was an error on my part.
I was able to download,or export, the edmonton map.
however, its over 14MB, so out of the question for the OSM converter on the 
loadstone sight.
I found the URL by googling "OSM for edmonton alberta"
it's from the main OSM website

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Hi Colin,

> when i try to export a map from the OSM website in xml format,
> it seems to be exporting, but gives me a 400 bad request
> error and doesn't bring up a save dialog or anything.

Which OSM website? There are several.
Can you paste the URL here, please?

> Is this perhaps an issue with the specific map i'm trying to export, or is
> it a common issue with the OSM export tool?

The OpenStreetMap platform status is published here:

One of the download servers is currently down.

It could also be that you are using an old URL for the old 0.5 API.
OSM has switched to 0.6, so old links don't work any more.

Please let me know the download URL and the complete error message.


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