[Loadstone] OSM files?

Colin McDonald colinm27 at telus.net
Tue Jun 23 03:01:39 BST 2009

thanks rob.
I trimmed it by selecting a smaller area on the map.
wich consequently reduces necesary information.
The offline tools should work though.

I also found the point share sight difficult since the combo boxes on that 
page seem to be set up in a way that does not work with two different 
versions of jaws and IE8.
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> Hi Colin,
> You can't 'shrimp' .osm files. To process a .osm file greater than 2.5 MB 
> and no larger than 8 MB please download the off-line tools at:
> http://www.rmpro-hosting.com/ls/
> Rob
> At 6/22/2009, you wrote:
>>ah i see.
>>I was able to export the edmonton map to an OSM file...however, even after 
>>i trimmed the osm file down to less than 2.5MB, the OSM to loadstone 
>>converter on the loadstone website failed to convert it.
>>i'm just having no luck today with this thing lol.
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>>>Using osm is not the official or recommended way of getting data for 
>>>loadstone. You should try the point share site first and only if that 
>>>failes start looking at other data sources. Other data sources are not 
>>>under our control so anything could happen.
>>>On Mon, 22 Jun 2009, Colin McDonald wrote:
>>>>hopefully this is on topic.
>>>>when i try to export a map from the OSM website in xml format, it seems 
>>>>to be exporting, but gives me a 400 bad request  error and doesn't bring 
>>>>up a save dialog or anything.
>>>>Is this perhaps an issue with the specific map i'm trying to export, or 
>>>>is it a common issue with the OSM export tool?
>>>>or perhaps i am doing something wrong.
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