[Loadstone] Implementing Breadcrumb Generator

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Jun 19 00:53:22 BST 2009

Hello Lex.
I am one of the Loadstone developers. We do have a beta testers list that we 
release beta versions to. We don't release alphas/betas to the general 
public mainly because of symbian signing. To make a public release costs us 
money so when we do that we want to be sure it's something most people will 
be able to use. If symbian hadn't put this signing process in the way we'd 
be able to release beta versions as frequently as needed.
Of course, people are free to download and compile the source code if they 
wish. There's documentation on how to do that under linux and the 
documentation on how to compile under windows comes with the symbian sdk. 
Installing multiple sdks under windows may not be easy thoe and I'm not sure 
if there's documentation on this.
There probably should be a link to the svn repository on the main site. Svn 
access is a rather new addition. The link is: svn.loadstone-gps.com and you 
can navigate to the various repositories from there.
The development process isn't closed but managed. We really haven't had much 
response from interested developers so we haven't done much work on 
streamlining the process for new developers. Of course we welcome any new 
developers who are interested in helping with the project.

On Fri, 19 Jun 2009, lex at onm.su wrote:

> Hi Shawn,
> I assume you are one of loadstone developers. I am wondering, why you don't 
> have a practice to release alphas/betas of your product, to achieve the more 
> wide testing etc? I am required to compile loadstone my self. But i don't 
> want to install all versions of sdks, so can't share my compiled version. i 
> guess it is not clear process for user, because there are no documentation 
> how to do that under windows. However, i revieved makefiles and found a way 
> :-) Also, i haven't found any link to svn repository from official site, it 
> seems as loadstone development is sort of closed process. I want to say that 
> it is not friendly to the possible new developers.
> -- 
> regards,
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