[Loadstone] Implementing Breadcrumb Generator

lex at onm.su lex at onm.su
Thu Jun 18 22:40:24 BST 2009

Hi Shawn,
I assume you are one of loadstone developers. I am wondering, why you 
don't have a practice to release alphas/betas of your product, to 
achieve the more wide testing etc? I am required to compile loadstone 
my self. But i don't want to install all versions of sdks, so can't 
share my compiled version. i guess it is not clear process for user, 
because there are no documentation how to do that under windows. 
However, i revieved makefiles and found a way :-) Also, i haven't 
found any link to svn repository from official site, it seems as 
loadstone development is sort of closed process. I want to say that it 
is not friendly to the possible new developers.

  Lex                          mailto:lex at onm.su

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