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Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
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Take out the sim card on your phone, turn on both the integrated and the 
assisted GPS functions and give it a try, you more then likely will find it 
works. No data will be used being there is no sim card in the phone. I know 
what other have said, I also know how my phones behave. Being the external 
GPS units that have it do not require a network connection, and set cell 
towers do not change on a normal bases! There isn't a need to update things 
on a daily bases.

So turn on the integrated and the assisted GPS function and leave off the 
network based one.

Signed: Stephen Giggar
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Hardware eventually fails, software eventually works.
No amount of bandwidth can fix poor design.

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> Ramy Moustafa <moshtaqlealganna at gmail.com> wrote:
>> so u said that  we  must use the integrated not the assisted gps?
> Depends on what you want. If you want a quicker GPS fix and if you can 
> live
> with a small amount of data traffic, you should use assisted GPS. If you
> can live with slower GPS fix and you don't want any data traffic, you
> should use internal GPS.
> But if you wanna use assisted GPS you have to activate both, assisted and
> internal in the settings.
> And if you want more accuracy and a better signal, you should use an
> external bluetooth GPS.
> Bert
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