[Loadstone] Point exchange

Lex lex at onm.su
Wed Jun 17 08:23:50 BST 2009

Hi Dave and list,

> Haven't done this for a long time. I think the file you have is the one for
> your area, if you entered all the parameters correctly.
I think if it is the map, file will be named some.txt (notice extension not .php). in your case, i suspect you haven't done all steps to download your map from point share exchange.
> Again this has absolutely nothing to do with Nokia Maps. Keep Loadstone and
> Nokia Maps separate in your mind.
But take in mind, there are lmx to loadstone online converter. i guess it can convert nokia map of your location to loadstone format so you can use it from your loadstone program.
Developers, correct me if i am wrong.

 Lex                          mailto:lex at onm.su

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