[Loadstone] ASsisted or integrated

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so u said that  we  must use the integrated not the assisted gps?

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> Stephen Giggar <sgiggar at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> We had some talk about this a few month ago on this list and found that
>> you can use Assisted GPS with no Sim card in the phone. So it doesn't
>> need a active sim card and doesn't need to transfer data.
> No, that's *not* true. Assisted GPS with internal GPS only works with a
> SIM, a proper coverage and some small amount of data traffic.
>> After all, they now have stand alone external GPS unit that ahve Assisted
>> GPS built into them and there is no network Data charges for them.
> So they either don't use the feature of assisted GPS or they transfer the
> needed data onto their external GPS devices in another way, for example
> over USB.
> Bert
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