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DAVE UHLMAN duhlman at msn.com
Tue Jun 16 22:47:14 BST 2009

My name is Dave Uhlman. I am looking for the experiences of blind people and people with other disabilities.  I am Visually Impaired.  I have a website http://hearandthere.net/default.aspx
    “Hear and There Audio Magazine” is about the positive things people are doing in their lives.  I would like to listen to the experiences of the people in your group.  I would like to interview them for my radio show on Radio Reading Services.

Check out the new Adventure Blog at Hear and There AudioMagazine http://hearandthere.net/default.aspx.
People will be talking about the show and talking about places they have been that were fun and accessibile.  Then listen in on Tuesday for Hear and There.  Check the schedule page to find the time in your area http://hearandthere.net/Schedule.aspx
See Ya Somewhere!

Hear and There Audio Magazine has 4 new episodes available for download.  website  http://hearandthere.net/default.aspx

The program is hosted by Dave Uhlman,  a visually impaired Accessibility Consultant, who gives his unique perspective on museums, nature walks, art shows or just about anyplace he can visit. Dave can put words to the visual so the listener can see and enjoy the experience.

"Hear & There" is a program that promotes involvement in the community. We visit venues with accessible features, provide detailed descriptions, and encourage listeners to attend and participate in the events. This show is one of the few places were venues can publicize their accessibility features to the public.
4 new episodes on the downloads page


Pt 1 A Walk at Big Bone Lick  I hike around the wheel chair accessible trail where you can see live American Bison and visit salt springs.  They have a sand box where you can feel bone replicas on the animals that were found here during the Ice Age.


 Pt  2 Big Bone Lick w John Barker  I interview John Barker about the history of Big Bone Lick.  These springs were a deathtrap during the Ice Age 12,000 years ago.  Bison, Mammoths, and Sloths were attracted to the springs for the salt and were trapped in the thick swampy mud.  The huge bones remained and it became a haunted place for Indians as well as a tourist attraction for the pioneers.
 Horner Run Creek Hike  My brother Tom and I hike along a stream in southern Ohio.  During this walk we are attacked by Chickadees!!!  Will we survive?  Listen and find out.
Hike on Kelly's Island Ohio    Join me on a walk on an island in Lake Erie.  It is located in northern Ohio on the border with Canada.  It is the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes and the tenth largest globally.  We will talk with Francis Minshall, a local resident, about the region’s history.

Dave Ühlman
Accessibility Consultant
duhlman at msn.com
website  http://hearandthere.net/default.aspx
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