[Loadstone] ASsisted or integrated

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I don't think you're looking in the right place. You are confusing Loadstone 
with Nokia Maps.

You can enable your phone to use Bluetooth, Internal GPS and Assisted GPS in 
the general menu under tools settings general positioning. There are 
checkboxes there to allow you to tell the Nokia which GPS sources to use. 
When you use assisted GPS the Nokia will go on the network and use the 
surrounding cell towers to give a more rapid location of the phone, so that 
the GPS receiver can get a satellite fix more quickly.

Lodestone allows you to choose Bluetooth or Phone as your sources for GPS, 
in the Settings menu.


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hi all:

when i need to choose my gps on the loadstone, i find 2 gps,
assisted gps and integrated gps, what r the difference, and what is the
right one?

And please, can i download the getting started and the hole manual  from the
site, or i must read it online?

Ramy Moustafa

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