[Loadstone] Point announcement while walking

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Fri Jun 12 10:04:36 BST 2009


  On the other hand looking for nearby points an checking them manyally one 
by one and repeating this after every 500 meters mith make the user quite 
locked. Even having a ability to check every point at given radius with 
one command would be easier than pollint ghe database all the time to see 
what is  in front.

mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS

On Fri, 12 Jun 2009, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:

> I'm not sure if you've asked this before but certainly others have and the 
> answer is always the same. Until a database engine can be found that doesn't 
> make the program appear to lock up while doing a query this feature can't be 
> implemented. Even if this was an on-demand feature I know what would happen, 
> people would turn it on and then the list would be flooded with messages 
> asking why loadstone appears to lock up at a regular interval.
> On Fri, 12 Jun 2009, Przemys³aw Rogalski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've installed the Loadstone for a new user. She wishes she could be 
>> informed about each point in her database, as she passes it, without a need 
>> of constant pressing joystick keys or saving thousand points as 
>> checkpoints.
>> That's why I'd like to ask if it would be possible for you to implement a 
>> function (enabled on demand) where Loadstone would monitor if there is any 
>> point within arrival radius, and if so - announce id as "Arriving X...". 
>> Then we would need an additional setting "Point announcement" with 
>> parameters "off", "Checkpoints", "Database", "Both".
>> What do you think of it?
>> Cheers,
>> Przemyslaw
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