[Loadstone] Point announcement while walking

Jacob Kruger jacobk at iburst.co.za
Fri Jun 12 08:22:45 BST 2009

Not 100% sure, but doesn't the auto announce option in the functions menu, 
under navigation mode do this for you?

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Subject: [Loadstone] Point announcement while walking

> Hello,
> I've installed the Loadstone for a new user. She wishes she could be 
> informed about each point in her database, as she passes it, without a 
> need of constant pressing joystick keys or saving thousand points as 
> checkpoints.
> That's why I'd like to ask if it would be possible for you to implement a 
> function (enabled on demand) where Loadstone would monitor if there is any 
> point within arrival radius, and if so - announce id as "Arriving X...". 
> Then we would need an additional setting "Point announcement" with 
> parameters "off", "Checkpoints", "Database", "Both".
> What do you think of it?
> Cheers,
> Przemyslaw
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