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Hi, the map files are in a folder called discache in cities. but you cannot 
understand anything if you find them. there are some files with cdt 
extension. open nokia maps, select no when it asks if you want to become 
online at starts and press options and select search and type some places to 
address field or select walk or drive if your gps is connected.
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> AM RAMY Moustafa from egypt,
> and i have just bought the n85, i downloaded the loadstone and the nokia 
> maps,
> now i need to use the load stone, but please, my english is not so good, 
> so i can't understand well from teh manual, and i have some questions, 
> hope i can  find  answers,
> 1, where r my maps on my nokia, am sure that the egypt's map is on the 
> phone, cause when i need to  use the nokia maps, i can   find the egypt 
> maps,
> but where r them? i entered the cities folder that is on my memory card, 
> but can't find anything. just the voices, english, arabic and so on.
> 2, how can i import these maps into my load stone?
> 3, when i need to set my gps source to phone,
> i have 2 choices in the gps sub minue, assisted gps, and integrated gps, 
> what r the difference bitween these?
> 4, i now i set my gps to internal gps, but how can i use the load stone? i 
> mean,how can i set my posession, find a place?
> and, well the loadstone read the places that i'll  pass on  while going 
> from any road?
> so sorry, for my questions.
> your help is much abbreciated
> Cheers
> Ramy Moustafa
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