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Wed Jun 3 09:25:16 BST 2009


When presaving a point before visiting a place for the first time:

1.  Get the coordinates from a source on the web or otherwise.

2.  Launch the "Enter Point" function on Loadstone and enter the 
coordinate values.

3.  Press key1 (for options) and select "save".

4.  Use Loadstone to travel to your estimated point.

5.  Once there, go into "Exploration mode", move to your previously saved 
point so that it has focus.

6.  Press the hash (number sign) key to bring up the currently selected 
Point's database record.

7.  Press key1 (for options) and select "Save using current".

If you look at the database record for the Point again you'll see other 
values like accuracy and satellites filled in.

Hope that helps,

On Tue, 2 Jun 2009, Josh wrote:

> hi i tried
> updating my point and it didn't work. lets say i enter a point while in my house, no gps receiver. then i go out and decide that point is not accurate and want to update it, do i go to update and will it fill in the new coordinates for me? what fields do i have to change?
> Josh
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