[Loadstone] Hello and first question

Paulo Augusto pauloaugustoamigos at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jul 31 14:34:30 BST 2009

Hi friends, I'm Paulo from Brazil. I'm trying to learn something about GPS for blind users. I use an n81 with talks and I'd like to get some information about LoadStone. By now I've got two questions:
1. When I try to download the loadstone software at its webpage I can't find n81 in the list. What option I need to select for n81?
2. Do you know any brazilian users to share data for loadstone?
3. Is anybody able to import data from other maps such as nokia maps, garmin, etc?
4. Is there any way to use other map data with LoadStone in n81?
Well! It's a lot of questions!
Thanks in advance, Paulo. 
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