[Loadstone] suggestions for next version of loadstone

Gradimir Kragic bastono at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 09:21:41 BST 2009

    Hi Shawn Kirkpatrick,

Yes, my suggestion is that Loadstone has a function that can display the current 
grid position. Example: The position of my house is:
1. Decimal latitude is: 44.582840 north. Latitude by this notation is: 44 
degrees, 34 minutes and 58 seconds, north.
2. Decimal longitude is: 17.872848 east. Latitude by this notation is: 17 
degrees, 52 minutes and 22 second east.
3. grid position for this values is: JN84WN.

This could be a function as a sub menu in the position or ASTRONOMIC. Yet I 
repeat that this is a useful function for the blind radio amateurs because they 
can not use the maps to set the grid position.

    Gradimir, amateur call is E73KG.

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