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Hi, yes recording a route to use later may be a wonderful suggestion if its possible of course.
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  Somesuggestions for next loadstone version are:

  1. incorporate the route planner intoo loadstone itself.
  2. instead of auto-announce of check-points constantly announceing checkpoints, in settings, add an announce only one time option so checkpoints are only announced one time as you pass through or by them. I don't like every possible checkpoint announceing itself constantly. 
  3. make an online store where low cost gps receivers, and low cost symbian phones can be bought, it would be a helpful resource for us I think. 
  also...add the ability to record routes as we walk and then loadstone gives us guides us along the route or a reverse route. also in the route planner once incorporated into loadstone, you choose a starting point, then an ending point and pick get directions and then it gives you directions by generating a list of checkpoints. 


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