[Loadstone] exploring areas far from where I live

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Jul 21 15:16:04 BST 2009

Loadstone remembers the 'last position' and uses that as a starting point 
for exploration. This data is saved in the 'last_position' file in the root 
directory of LS on the phone and currently the only way to start exploring 
somewhere else is by editing this file to reflect the area you want to 
explore without enlarging the search area.


At 7/21/2009, you wrote:
>I am a new user of this wonderful product, so forgive me if I'm missing
>something obvious.
>I live in Springfield Illinois, where I installed the software Sunday on my
>N82, downloaded and installed some local points from the Point Exchange, and
>exploring.  Like many of you, I am delighted with how well this works,
>though I will probably get a better GPS receiver. I also downloaded points
>for Jacksonville Illinois, which is 40 miles away.  I am greatly looking
>forward to bringing the unit to downtown Chicago, where I will be visiting
>this weekend.   That's where I ran into a problem.  I thought there was a
>problem because, although i downloaded and created a Chicago database, I
>could not find any points in it.  I kept reducing the size of what I
>requested until it was smaller than my Springfield database; but still no
>success.  Attempts to explore produced only rapid
>beeps and the "No Points Found" announcement.  It took some time to dawn on
>me that Loadstone, even though I was attempting to explore a Chicago
>database and was not connected, would not let me because 176 miles separated
>me from my Chicago circle.  I found I could explore by temporarily expanding
>my search to 200 miles.
>Is there an easier way to explore databases far from where I last used the
>receiver?  If I were planning a trip to Hawaii, I can only imagine what
>would happen if I tried to search from thousands of miles away.
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