[Loadstone] exploring areas far from where I live

Bill Reif billreif at ameritech.net
Tue Jul 21 14:12:16 BST 2009


I am a new user of this wonderful product, so forgive me if I'm missing
something obvious.

I live in Springfield Illinois, where I installed the software Sunday on my
N82, downloaded and installed some local points from the Point Exchange, and 
exploring.  Like many of you, I am delighted with how well this works,
though I will probably get a better GPS receiver. I also downloaded points
for Jacksonville Illinois, which is 40 miles away.  I am greatly looking
forward to bringing the unit to downtown Chicago, where I will be visiting
this weekend.   That's where I ran into a problem.  I thought there was a
problem because, although i downloaded and created a Chicago database, I
could not find any points in it.  I kept reducing the size of what I 
requested until it was smaller than my Springfield database; but still no 
success.  Attempts to explore produced only rapid
beeps and the "No Points Found" announcement.  It took some time to dawn on
me that Loadstone, even though I was attempting to explore a Chicago 
database and was not connected, would not let me because 176 miles separated 
me from my Chicago circle.  I found I could explore by temporarily expanding 
my search to 200 miles.

Is there an easier way to explore databases far from where I last used the 
receiver?  If I were planning a trip to Hawaii, I can only imagine what 
would happen if I tried to search from thousands of miles away.


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