[Loadstone] OSM map features

Lulu-Ann at gmx.de Lulu-Ann at gmx.de
Fri Jul 17 11:47:32 BST 2009

Przemys?aw wrote:

>   By the way: What fields is an OSM record consisted of?
>   I mean, what other fields apart from latitude and longitude can be
> converted?
>   Could a Loadstone output include - if possible - POI's category, street
> name, house number and city name?
>   Thanks in advance for conversion.
>   Hope I'll be able to do it myself in the future, so as not to trouble
> you so much...

Hello Przemys?law,

the OSM data consists of a los of map features.
A list is found here:


This list is never complete as there are always mappers proposing and testing new types of objects.

In 2010 there will be a book on OSM in English language, which is at the moment only available in German.
It is called "OpenStreetMap" and the authors are Frederik Ramm and Jochen Topf.

Until it is published you can only read through the OSM Wiki I linked above.

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