[Loadstone] OSM download of certain areas

Annette Thurow Lulu-Ann at gmx.de
Fri Jul 17 11:29:05 BST 2009

Kennydog wrote:

> Hi,
> In regards to the site that Lulu mentioned, I found a file called 
> australia-oceania.osm.bz2, but does anybody know how to change it so we 
> can use it? (IE make it smaller or how do I open it and then convert it 
> to be used in Loadstone?) I also have a uniden gps receiver and a garmin 
> one, and want to know, can the files on those be converted into 
> Loadstone format? (as the unit itself is useful to my wife in the car, 
> but I need something I can put on my phone and use with speech!)
> Also, does anybody know of any osm files for New Zealand (or even just 
> the North Island)? I have uploaded points that I have created myself in 
> Loadstone for the New Plymouth and central Taranaki area, but am looking 
> to see if there are some more already done?
> Thanks
> Gene NZ

Hi Gene,

this is the standard method that always works:

Go to www.openstreetmap.org , export, enter coordinates and download the data.osm file.
This works for any mapped place on the world except the poles.
If the file is too big, choose a smaller area by having different coordinates.
If you want to combine several files, repeat the download with neighbour coordinates.

Do that only for places you want to go. You don't need the whole world on your cellphone.

If you don't know the coordinates ask wikipedia.


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