[Loadstone] Timeout problem with php script

Lex lex at progger.ru
Wed Jul 8 08:27:02 BST 2009

On 08.07.2009 2:27, David Reynolds wrote:
> When running the osm convertor, I get a time out error at line 200 in the script index. Admittedly, the data I'm trying to convert is a little over seven megs, so I tried altering the timeout to 300 seconds, instead of 120 seconds, but still get the error. Is it simply that the file is too big, or is there something else I should be checking.
The problem is that php script is too uneffective. Converting file about 
15 megabytes took few hours and more than 500 megabytes of ram. I will 
write alternative in python when i will have time. quick benchmarks i 
made impressed me. for example, loading 14 mb xml file tooks 0.7 seconds 
in python, and ten minutes in php...

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