[Loadstone] Openstreetmap

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Jul 7 04:57:35 BST 2009

All the food in the world is for free. Nobody prevents you to grow your own 
potatoes, vegetables, bananas or coconuts. All the consumer products are 
for free. Nobody says it's illegal to build your own bicycle, car, 
television set or mobile phone. All the digital maps are for free. Nobody 
prevents you to grab Loadstone-GPS and a GPS receiver to take off and map 
the world. However, if you are not able to do all this work, it's only fair 
to pay the people that do it for you, unless these people have stated that 
their labour is free. This is the principle of trade and most honest 
inhabitants of this planet have subscribed to it.


"Since this was raised and just for discussion:  Why would providing access
to persons with visual impairments to otherwise inaccessible materials (such
as Garmin maps, Nokia maps, etc. maps) be a legitimate "fair use exception"
to possible copyrighted information which is contained within the public
domain and publicly and readily available on the internet?  e.g. Copyrighted
books made available to persons with visual impairment on tape, etc. are not
considered illegal.  I am not seeing a distinction with copyrighted digital
maps being made accessible for like purposes for education of similar
persons for the purpose of educating persons with disabilities to public

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