[Loadstone] Why is gps reciever slower in 7.2?

Kennydog hurrikenny at slingshot.co.nz
Mon Jul 6 01:31:25 BST 2009

Hi there.

I have a nokia e50 with a seperate gps reciever a nokia ld 3w reciever.  
I noticed when haveing the 7.1 software o it when I conected to the gps  
it found the reciever quick as usually in all sorts of weather and  was 
able to navigate with it even in bad weather usually.  But I notice when 
I went to the 7.2 version it seemed to take forever to find the 
satellites even in goodweather it done the same.  I notice when it did 
conect it stayed conected usually but it had to find the satellites.  
after testing it like that for a few days  went back to the 7.1 software 
and it worked a dream again finding he satellites or am i doing 
something wrong or is it compatablety problem with teh new software.  
Any help would be great.  At the moment i am back on the 7.1 software 
for it works great fro me compaired to the 7.2 release.

Thanks gene
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