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of the Loadstone to be used.
After this I load loadstone, and I open Data base and Import/Export and I 
selected the file and I select import.
So If I understand well, when I want to use this file, name Trail in 
did I should touse import every time I want to use it or this file is loaded 
to the data base  by default, and every time I will go for a walk to this 
trail it will be in function?
Should I should have a message from the loadstone programme when I'm 
approching a check point witch is in this file.
Second question:
In a route planer, did I should make a route planner from biguining from the 
trail up to the End and from the End up to the biguining of the trale?
If yes is it mean that
a the end of theroute in the way back I have to load the other  file?

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> Hi all,
> When we download points from the point share web sight through area
> exporter, we select country, state and then county. On the next screen we
> specify criteria in terms of addresses, streets etc. However when we
> download the text file, it includes only streets, but not addresses for 
> many
> states. So does it mean that the preloaded points at the sight do not
> contain addresses by default and they become available as users decide to
> upload them?
> Vetri.
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