[Loadstone] Internal receivers in certain nokia phones

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Jan 30 13:25:24 GMT 2009

Cory Martin <cory_martin at shaw.ca> wrote:

> of course if you have another app already using the gps receiver such as
> nokia maps before you tell loadstone to access it that would be the
> problem, as far as I know only one program can use the GPS receiver at a
> time.

That's wrong. You can use the internal GPS source in parallel with as many
applications as you like. I used the internal GPS of my N82 with LS, Nokia
Maps and Route66 Mobile8 at the same time. It works without any problem.

Only if you choose Bluetooth GPS in the coming up location technology
dialog to connect the external GPS via the Symbian BT-API, there is a
connection error after a short time on a N82. I would be _very_ happy, if
this issue could be fixed. On an E70 and a 5500 Sport the use of the
Symbian BT-API for external receivers works fine without any problem.

If you guys of the LS developer team need some help and more infos, you may
tell me what I have to test and I'll do my very best to assist you in this

best regards,

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