[Loadstone] Internal receivers in certain nokia phones

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Fri Jan 30 09:42:29 GMT 2009

Hi I also have a N82 and would like to try the internal receiver if you get 
this working please let me know and is the internal gps adequate in accuracy 
for use by us blind folk as at the moment carrying an external gps is a 
hassel its another thing to remember to put in your pocket and keep charged 
and worry about losing, any results on this matter would be very grateful 
best wishes Andrew
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Subject: [Loadstone] Internal receivers in certain nokia phones

> Ok.
> Still haven't been able to find a setting to allow loadstone to actually 
> use
> the internal receiver of my new Nokia N82.
> I have now set it to in fact use the internal receiver, but all it says is
> 'no connection' even though nokia maps can still search for locations and
> plan routes, so I assume this means it's being blocked as such by the
> operating system.
> However, if I go into the app. manager, I don't seem able to find
> application specific settings like allowing applications to make use of 
> user
> data, etc. etc. like I could find on my 6680, so not sure where else to 
> look
> since also couldn't find any relevant settings within nokia maps etc. etc.
> Seems this version of the operating system is somewhat different from the
> one on my 6680, but would still have assumed could find these settings 
> (like
> the one where you allow apps like the vOICe to use the camera) in app.
> manager like I did on the older phone.
> Any experiences of similar things from people using other internal GPS 
> unit
> equipped phones?
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