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Alastair Fairweather al_fairweather at onetel.com
Thu Jan 29 19:28:16 GMT 2009

Firstly, I don't approved of cracked software as it is theft.
Secondly, the pricing issue is something of a red-herring, I agree with
Shawn perspective on this one.
Thirdly, the thorny issue of access software.  Many have the opinion that
they shouldn't have to pay for software to access something that others get
for nothing - Talks, Jaws etc.  Well, there's legs i that argument, but I
subscribe to the "Well, no-one ever said life was fair" view point - and
that is just my opinion.  VI people get much help in many ways, if they
choose to use it, and I reckon it mostly balances out in the end.
And, yes, I'm VI.
Just my two pennies worth...

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well, the other side of that coin is people will crack software that costs
10 bucks. so it's really not the idea that the software is expensive just
that people want something for nothing. I would actually respect someone if
they would just flat out say they use cracked software because they don't
want to pay for it and go on with it.

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Stealing Software is not a good act. But developers should seriously think
about their price politics. I'm sure if they would make reasonable and fair
prices less people would use cracks. It's not responsible to make a big
business with disability matters.
Many blind people in this world have no job and can't pay such amount just
to make a phone accessible.
An open source screen reader would be great. Many would be very interested
donating for their work.


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You missed my point (or perhaps not). I don't believe in the practice of
stealing software, so I was inclined to turn him down. I never had any
cracked copies or access to them.

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Hi Dave,
You do not have to send him tips on where to get cracked talks. I sent him a
private email giving him the info he wanted off list. 


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