[Loadstone] database

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Jan 27 07:38:16 GMT 2009

Nokia Maps runs on 3rd generation phones and can be downloaded from the 
Nokia website. There is also a repository of maps somewhere on the web. 
Extracting points from the program involves a few tricks and there was a 
discussion a while ago which should be in the archives.

To search the LS archives go to the LS website, find the Google searchbox, 
check the radio button that says www.loadstone-gps.com and submit your 
searchterm. In this case 'nokia maps lmx' should give you enough results.


At 1/26/2009, you wrote:

>ah good.
>Now what about this nokia map data that I keep reading about and the lmx
>converter.  where can I get that data, and is it only for the 3rd series
>phones? I have a 6682.  still the data would be nice.

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