[Loadstone] Export of the Routpointdata

Kennydog hurrikenny at slingshot.co.nz
Fri Jan 23 21:02:44 GMT 2009

Kiaora (Hi or Guten Tag!) Peter,

I am using a Nokia E50. I use the Nokia program "Nokia PC Suite" to send information to and from my phone. Once you have saved points into Loadstone, you will need to do the following...
Go into the Loadstone program on your phone then...Options...Database...Load database...(select the one you want to save to your computer (Eg. default or whatever you have named your database if there is more than one Eg.Auckland or Wellington etc)...
Then go to Options...Database...Export all data...select (new file) and press ok...type in a name for it (Eg. Auckland database)...and press ok. (When it is finished saving your points into a format ready for your computer it will say Export complete). This automatically saves it to the import/export folder within Loadstone on your phone. Instead of emailing it or bluetoothing it to your computer, if your phone comes with a data cable, use the Nokia PC Suite. To do this...Attach one end of the data cable to your phone and the other to the usb port on your pc. Exit out of the Loadstone program on the phone.

Open Nokia PC Suite on your computer...(Your phone should appear as connected in this program). Alt will bring up the file menu - you are looking for one called File Manager. Press enter to go into it. From here you will be looking for wherever your Loadstone is on your phone (phone memory or card memory). Mine is on phone memory so I will give instructions for that. You are into your phone...Go to phone memory (or wherever your Loadstone is stored)...Data...Others (or wherever you have put your Loadstone folder on your phone)...Click on the folder called Loadstone...then you are looking for a folder called importexport. (In here will be the database you just exported  earlier). I had also made up a folder up on my computer desktop called "Databases for Loadstone" so I can keep these in the one folder.
 From here, simply copy the database you want and paste it into the folder you have made on your desktop (or you can just send it straight to desktop). I made up a folder as I intend to have three different databases for three different towns. (It has now been saved from your phone to your desktop).

If you want to then upload it to the Loadstone Pointshare site, go tohttp://www.csy.ca/~shane/gps/login.php?dsturl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.csy.ca%2F~shane%2Fgps%2F  <http://www.csy.ca/%7Eshane/gps/login.php?dsturl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.csy.ca%2F%7Eshane%2Fgps%2F>  to upload your points to the exchange. You will need to log in with your email address and Loadstone password. Then it is a matter of clicking on Importer...(select where you saved your file on your desktop)... and press on submit.

Hope this helps!
Hurrikenny, New Zealand.

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