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  Number of visible satellites depends on receiving condition an 
sensitivity of the receiver, number of channels does not matter. Ther are 
24 'normal'   satellites and total of five geostationary waas/egnos 
satellites     so 13 satellites is quite possible number of visible 
satellites. My personal record was 14 satellites with Holux M-1000 .

mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS

On Wed, 21 Jan 2009, Kevin Chao wrote:

> I have seen a number of times where I have come across 13 satellites and I
> am not sure if it is an accurate or inaccurate reading based on the GPS
> program and/or GPS receiver. I have seen this in both using the Holux M-1000
> (32 channels) and I-Blue 737A+ (66 channels) but never saw it when using the
> Holux GPSlim236 (20 channels).
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> Hi all:
> A conundrum for the academics.
> I have just returned from a much needed holiday in a location of
> 28.5N 16.5W approximately.
> Otherwise known as Tenerife.
> The number of visible satellites was frequently reported to be 9 or 10,
> occasionally even 11 and 12.
> On one occasion, 13.
> On my return I have spoken with a friend who derived the algorithms for the
> Surrey University satellites to explain why 13, but we cannot conclude why
> this high number.
> The usual explanation is 12 per hemisphere, but in reality I believe them to
> be 8 in three 120 degree out of phase orbits.
> Can anyone elucidate?
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