[Loadstone] Help please for uploading points to pointshare exchange

Kennydog hurrikenny at slingshot.co.nz
Sun Jan 18 01:02:44 GMT 2009


I have setup Loadstone, gone around saving points to my cellphone, saved 
a couple of databases (for a couple of different towns I visit) and 
attempted to upload them to the exchange for others to use.
I went to the database I wanted to export, followed the instructions to 
get it to the import/export area, managed to save it to my desktop on my 
computer, saved it as a txt file, and when I went to upload it to the 
exchange it said the following:
Table 	New Entries 	Updated or unchanged
point 	0 	0
cell 	0 	0
network 	0 	0
relation 	0 	0

w: (3) Permission denied for import of ...(my user id number)

My username and password were fine as I was able to log in to attempt to 
upload it. I looked at the file and it had the following details:
point name,latitude,longitude,accuracy,satellites,priority,userid,id

Can anybody please tell me what I may have missed or what I am doing 
wrong? I really want to upload some NZ points and can't see what I've 
missed. The FAQ and message pages do not have a search function on them 
(so I am finding it difficult to find other people that may have had the 
same error message) etc. I have been around computers for years, and 
although I am fairly new to gps etc, I am finding the help files not 
detailed enough or too detailed in some cases. Perhaps, the help files 
could be listed under very basic headings (eg. troubleshooting for point 
uploading or how to upload. Step 1...Step 2... etc).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks heaps

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