[Loadstone] Serious Setbacks

Michael Busboom mike at busboom.at
Sun Jan 11 12:35:34 GMT 2009

Hello Mike,


My name is also Mike, and I am a subscriber to the Loadstone GPS list.
Unfortunately, I have been having less than optimal results with the program
on my Nokia E61.  I have also been frustrated that nobody has to date been
able to tell me why the software doesn't function all that well on that
particular phone.


This is not the reason for me writing to you, however.  While going through
some of the mail that accumulated, I ran across a message you sent to the
list and had some questions.


1.        Does AT stand for the Appalachian Trail?  I have always wanted to
hike that trail and would love to share some thoughts with you.

2.        If you were to hike the trail, would you hike alone or with

3.        Would you hike using a dog or a cane, or do you see well enough to
forego the use of such a type of mobility device?

I have been living in Vienna, Austria for over thirty years, but I grew up
in Illinois.  However, much of my family hails from the heart of Appalachia
and the thought of hiking the AT has been with me since reading an article
about it in National Geographic in the mid 80's.


So many questions and so 

Many thoughts.  I'd love to talk with you more.  Do you use anything like
Skype to communicate?


Kindest regards from Austria,


Mike Busboom

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Once again, I am looking at putting my hike of the AT off another year.
There are two reasons.  


First, my logistics person is facing major surgery and possibly ongoing
changes in her health.  I can't do such a hike without logistical support.
I could probably do something about my logistical support situation.


Second, you can well imagine how fundraising is going in this economy.
Enough said about that.


Every year, I get one step closer.  The first year, it was problems with
data.  Thanks to the Loadstone team, I got that sorted out.


Last year, it was lack of logistical support and fundraising.  Next year, it
just might be time to hit the trail.



Mike Hanson


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