[Loadstone] gps and the united states question

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I think so. As for as I know, almost all the streets are covered on the 
point share web page for these cities. However you may have to mannually 
enter different addresses as you get to a specific building. Google map may 
give you the lattitude/longitude info, but it is not as accurate as it 
should be and you may have to mannually update it when you get there.As for 
as downloading the entire United States map is concern: Boy! You will need 
lots of memory and certainly not within the phone memory. However you could 
process separate counties and even them will run in to lots of MBS. Perhaps 
the best idea is to maintain separate databases for various cities. You can 
certainly use GPS with an unlocked N75 since you don't require cellphone 
connection to use bluetooth/GPS navagational system.


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> Hi,
> Are there a lot of points of interest and street markings for the
> following cities in loadstone gps?
> Reading Pennsylvania zip code 19602
> Philadelphia Pennsylvania
> Denver Colorado
> Littleton Colorado
> And how much room would it take to put the whole United States on the
> nokia n75?
> and if I get an unlociked nokia n75, does this mean I can install my
> software immediately and use it without having cell service? I do not
> want to pay for cell service on the n75 I only want to use it for the
> PDA, and gps options available for it.
> Josh
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