[Loadstone] gps and the united states question

Shawn Keen shawn.keen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 19:30:46 GMT 2009

> Hi,
> Are there a lot of points of interest and street markings for the
> following cities in loadstone gps?

basicly all there is are streets in ls,  you have to add your own points of 

> Reading Pennsylvania zip code 19602
> Philadelphia Pennsylvania
> Denver Colorado
> Littleton Colorado
> And how much room would it take to put the whole United States on the
> nokia n75?

impossible. lol.  get ls and try loading a county and that will give you a 

> and if I get an unlociked nokia n75, does this mean I can install my
> software immediately and use it without having cell service? I do not
> want to pay for cell service on the n75 I only want to use it for the
> PDA, and gps options available for it.
sure, you don't need cell service for ls.  but I strongly urge you not to 
get the n75 if your going to use it for pda and ls.  I just sold my n75, 
it's a flip phone and if your walking and trying to use a dog or cane and 
hold your phone in the other hand or remove it from a pocket, it's a pain in 
the butt to open one handed.

> Josh
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